These are real, unedited testimonials from clients of Larry Pollack, Esq., a New Jersey personal injury, workers’ compensation and product liability attorney.

My previous attorney in my automobile accident case completely neglected my case for nearly two years, then only a few weeks before the statute of limitations would run on my case, that previous attorney sent me a letter that he was dropping my case. Thankfully, I found attorney Larry Pollack, and he gave me an immediate appointment to come and see him. He patiently sat down with my husband and I, took the case, filed an immediate lawsuit for us, aggressively pursued the case and then obtained a good settlement for us, without the need for a trial. Thank you, Mr. Pollack!”

 – Daisy B., Auto Accident Client


Larry Pollack is a superb lawyer.  I have no doubt that, given his qualities and qualifications, Mr. Pollack will provide the best representation available.  He is not like other lawyers; he has a keen knowledge of the law.  In my case, Mr. Pollack fought for fair compensation and won.  I can truly say that the day I walked into Mr. Pollack’s office I knew I was in good hands.  He is an excellent negotiator and will fight for your best interests.  I can think of no better attorney to be on my side.”

– Charles, Auto Accident Client


In 2010 I was injured in an accident on the Garden State Parkway. The trooper believed the other driver over me and so the State Police accident report wrongly blamed me for the accident. Because of this, plus the fact that I had the “verbal threshold” option on my insurance, I went to several lawyers and they all turned me down, and said I had no case. Then I found Mr. Larry Pollack’s website online, and called him. He met with my husband and I and agreed to take the case. Mr. Pollack filed a lawsuit for us and fought the case for about two years. He helped me answer interrogatories in his office, he prepared me for my deposition and defended me at my deposition, he hired an accident reconstruction expert to write a report for us , and he won a fair arbitration award for us, which the other driver’s insurance company agreed to pay. Mr. Pollack carefully went over the details of the settlement with my husband and I, and we got our settlement check promptly. Larry, thanks so much for all your help…can we at least take you out to dinner?”


 – Jackie B., October, 2013



I  would like people to know that Mr. Larry Pollack is a excellent attorney and someone I will trust in all legal matters that he covers. His ability to see clearly what my needs were and to win me a nice settlement is not forgotten by  and  is deeply appreciated  by me and my family. He is very kind and makes sure he understands exactly the situation.”

He is a professional man in every way and I consider him a friend as well as my attorney at law.

– Ralph, Workers’ Compensation Client


“I was injured as a result of a hit-and-run accident in 2003. My insurance company wouldn’t pay for the extra therapies I needed – until Larry stepped in. He made sure I received the best medical care and favorably settled my very complex case. In April 2012, I received a medical bill my insurance company was supposed to pay. After all these years since the case was closed, Larry remembered me, called my insurance company and got the bill paid.

Larry is easy to find and great to work with. I highly recommend him.”

– Emily, Auto Accident Client


“I came to my attorney, Larry M. Pollack, in 2007 after my employer’s workers compensation insurance stopped providing me with needed medical care. My original attorney ignored my telephone calls and urged me to accept a quick, cheap settlement. Larry Pollack took over my case after half-a-dozen or so other attorneys turned me down.

He was patient and compassionate and immediately began fighting to get me the medical treatment I urgently needed. He went to court and forced my employer to pay for my total knee replacement and treatment to my lower back.  Through five long years Mr. Pollack fought my case in court, until finally in June 2012 my employer agreed to a fair settlement.

I would strongly recommend Mr. Pollack, and in fact I have recommended him to my wife and my sister, whose automobile accident cases Mr. Pollack handled.

– Barry, Workers’ Compensation Client